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  • UV. It All Adds Up.

    Every year, 2,000 Australians die from skin cancer. Up to 95 per cent of melanomas and 99 per cent of non-melanoma skin cancers are caused by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, or ‘too much time in the sun’. 

    UV can’t be seen or felt, but spending just a short time outdoors unprotected when the UV is 3 or above is enough to cause permanent skin damage. 

    Even if your skin doesn’t burn or tan. 

    Even if it’s cool or cloudy. 

    And the more time spent in the sun, the more the damage adds up.

    Every time you’re unprotected in the sun, you increase your risk of developing skin cancer—whether you’re hanging the washing on the line, or enjoying an outdoor lunch with friends.  

  • Check daily UV levels

    Check daily UV levels

    You can’t see or feel UV, so can’t rely on your senses to determine if protection is required. Download the seeUV app to check daily UV levels on your phone. See when you should be protecting your skin throughout the day.

  • Protect your skin in five ways

    Protect your skin in five ways

    There’s more to sun protection than sunscreen. Protect yourself in five ways when UV is 3 and above. You know what to do; Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide. Read more to bust your misconceptions.

  • Self-check your skin

    Self-check your skin

    You can’t see UV, but you may see the damage it does to your skin. Learn how to find skin cancer early by self-checking your entire body regularly—including skin not exposed to the sun.

  • Today at Cancer Council SA

  • Cancer Counselling Service

    Cancer Counselling Service

    Cancer Council SA offers free counselling sessions to anyone impacted by cancer.

  • Cut your cancer risk

    Cut your cancer risk

    4 ways to boost your fruit and vegetable intake.

  • Fundraising Events

    Fundraising Events

    We have a wide range of exciting events that give you the opportunity to support our vision of a cancer free future in a fun, easy yet symbolic way.

  • Leave a gift in your Will

    Leave a gift in your Will

    Continue the love and generosity you have shown in your lifetime even after you are gone by deciding to leave a gift in your Will.

  • Share your story

    Share your story

    Raise awareness about important cancer issues while helping others cope with treatment and feel less alone. Read more about how to share your story.

  • Volunteer with us!

    Volunteer with us!

    Discover how your organisation and staff can get involved in bringing a cancer free future closer.