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    Your kindness today will help fund the life-changing research so that no one needs to go through losing a wife and mother. 


    “I’d give anything to have my mum here to watch me grow up, to have just one more year, one more day with her.”  – Kylan



    Kylan Beech was a child, just 14 years old when his mum, Tammy-Lee Beech,
    was diagnosed with and passed away from lung cancer. 

    She didn’t smoke. She had no symptoms. The family never saw it coming.

    Despite his heartbreak, Kylan found inspiration in his loss and came up with the idea of ‘220 For Tammy’—a 220km ride from Adelaide to Barmera to raise money for cancer research. Research like that of Beat Cancer Project funded researcher Professor Ross McKinnon. Research that will give children just like him more time with their mums.


    It may be too late to give Kylan more time with his mum, but with your help, we can give other children more time with theirs.

    Please, will you give today to help fund life-changing research like that of Prof McKinnon?

    Just like Kylan, Prof McKinnon has his own inspiration and motivation. His reason is his wife, Wendy, who passed away from breast cancer in 2002—leaving behind two young children aged three and six. With your continued support, Prof McKinnon can continue his momentum into better ways to treat and detect cancer and make a cancer free future a reality.

    “What I always tell people that donate to cancer research is that high quality cancer research requires momentum and every single philanthropic dollar contributes to that momentum. It irons out the rough spots…it allows us to take chances. It allows us to do things that we could not do without philanthropic support. When we try to do new things, the only way we can do that is through the donated money and you know, every dollar counts.” — Prof Ross McKinnon.


    Your generosity today will change lives tomorrow and into the future. Your support will make all the difference.



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