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  • Nicotine addiction costing South Australians more than just their health

    01 September 2017

    The burden of smoking is about to get even heavier for South Australian households.

    With cigarette prices set to rise by 12.5 % tomorrow, smoking has never been more costly for both people's health and their wallets.

    To help households adjust to this increase in costs, Cancer Council SA is encouraging all smokers to call Quitline for support in beating their nicotine addiction.

    "It's never too late to give up smoking and save money," said Chief Executive Lincoln Size.

    "With cigarette prices set to hit a minimum of $40 per pack by 2020, there hasn't been a better time to quit smoking."

    Despite the financial challenges associated with the cigarette price increase, Cancer Council SA welcomes the tax increases.

    “Cigarette price increases help drive down smoking rates which will save South Australian lives and reduce the cost and burden on our health service,” said Mr Size.

    "Research shows that quitting smoking can add up to 10 years to a person’s life and giving up cigarettes can benefit anyone with health improvements starting within 12 hours of quitting.

    In response to the cigarette tax increase, the Quitline will be preparing for an influx of calls.

    "Calls to 13 78 48 Quitline rise when tax increases come into effect and we expect this year to be no different," said Mr Size.

    "The Quitline offer individual support and resources to smokers and can provide tips to non-smokers who want to help someone they love go smoke-free."

    Coinciding with the tax increase, a new quit smoking advertising campaign will appear on South Australian TVs from Sunday.

    The ‘From Every Quitter’ Campaign will focus on encouraging smokers not to smoke around their friends and family who are trying to quit.

    Anyone wanting advice on quitting smoking should call 13 78 48 or visit online chat at www.quitlinesa.org.au

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