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  • Government supports Cancer Council SA’s bid to make prisons smoke-free by 2020

    07 February 2018
    Minister Chris Picton announced today that the Government will support Cancer Council SA’s call to implement smoke free prisons in South Australia by 2020. 
    The South Australian Government made strong commitments towards banning smoking in prisons by 2020 in the South Australia Tobacco Control Strategy 2017–2020, launched in 2016.
    However, outside of a pilot program delivered at the Adelaide Remand Centre, there was little movement in working with other prisons to adopt smoke free policies and assist prisoners with quitting smoking.
    Cancer Council SA Chief Executive Lincoln Size commended the Government for supporting the implementation of smoke free prisons and urged all parties to follow suit. 
    “Smoking rates in South Australian prisons are some of the highest across the country, with 83 per cent of prisoners identifying as smokers,” he said. 
    “Smoking in prisons puts prisoners, visitors and the staff that work onsite in danger of exposure to second-hand smoke and make it difficult for existing smokers to quit.” 
    “Unfortunately, the challenge facing South Australian prisoners and correctional facilities is having the right tools, support and smoke free policies in place to eradicate smoking in prisons.” 
    “Having learnt from the experiences of other States and Territories as they have implemented smoke free prisons, the South Australian Government is in a good position to transition to smoke free prisons here.”
    “The Government’s announcement today is an important step forward in driving down smoking rates in South Australia”.
    Implementing a smoking ban in South Australian prisons is just one of nine election priorities Cancer Council SA announced earlier this year in their Election Priorities Document. 
    The Document highlights nine key priorities which Cancer Council SA is urging the next South Australian Government to address in order to build on the strong work of previous governments and reduce the burden of cancer in South Australia. 
    Cancer Council SA’s nine election priorities are:
    • Commit to funding $3 million towards Beat Cancer Project
    • Closing the loopholes in alfresco dining legislation
    • Increasing funds for targeted quit smoking social marketing campaigns
    • Commit to the maximum follow-up time for South Australians who test positive to a bowel cancer screening test
    • Commit to fund $400k SunSmart information campaigns
    • Implement the smoking ban in prisons by 2020
    • Adequately fund data collection in South Australia
    • Abolish South Australia’s DIY asbestos laws
    • Regulate junk food advertising 
    Cancer Council SA Chief Executive Lincoln Size says that Government action is required to ensure we continue to make progress in preventing, detecting and managing cancer in our state. 
    “Cancer Council SA will work with all political parties and candidates to secure support for these initiatives, which we believe will have a life-changing impact on South Australians and support our ultimate goal of a cancer free future for all,” he said.
    For more information on Cancer Council SA’s Election Priorities visit www.cancersa.org.au

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