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  • Cyclist sets off to honour wife, father

    15 January 2014

    When Brian Schultz lost his wife and father to cancer within two days of each other in October, it was difficult to see a way forward.

    But already Mr Schultz is turning personal sadness in to inspiration for others, through his involvement in Cancer Council’s Ride for a reason.

    “So many people have been affected (by cancer) – it’s not just me,” Mr Schultz, of Nairne, says. “By taking part in Ride for a reason, I know I’m contributing to the research to try to find a cure for this disease. It can’t help my family, but I want to make sure no one goes through what I’m going through now.”

    He says cycling has helped him cope with the loss.

    “The worst thing I think you can do in this situation is to stay home, so cycling in general is very helpful,” Mr Schultz says. “It’s a physical outlet and helps control stress. To couple that with fundraising has been fantastic, really.”

    Presently Mr Schultz is the state’s third highest Ride for a reason fundraiser, but hopes better that by the time he takes to the road next week.

    "I’m aiming to be the state’s highest fundraiser,” he says. “When my wife Merridy was sick, she had lots of support from other people dealing with cancer. It was her wish to try to give something back to all the people who helped her so this is my way of fulfilling that.”

    Cancer Council Chief Executive Professor Brenda Wilson, who is also taking part in Ride for a reason, says Mr Schultz’s story will serve as an inspiration to others.

    “I’m inspired and encouraged by Mr Schultz’s passion to make a difference,” Professor Wilson says. “Our thoughts go out to him at this difficult time.”

    “At Cancer Council SA, we believe no one should lose a loved one to cancer. The more money we can raise through Ride for a reason, the more we can invest in cancer research and the better the outcomes will be.”

    To donate to Mr Schultz visit http://sa.cancercouncilfundraising.org.au/brianschultz

    To register for Ride for a reason visit rideforareason.com.au or phone 1300 65 65 85.

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