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    30 April 2015

    Andrew Day will honour his father’s memory in May, riding over 3,000kms from Victor Harbor to Darwin, all while raising money for a cause close to his heart.

    Andrew, 49, and his two sons Nathan, 23 and Philip, 20, wanted to ‘fight back’ against cancer after Andrew’s father passed away from prostate cancer in 2011.

    Having already participated in Cancer Council’s Relay For Life for the past three years, Andrew accepted a friend’s challenge to “hopefully inspire others to support this worthy cause.”

    “I have been motivated to fight back against this disease by raising money to help research for a cure and also to help support those affected and their families,” Andrew said.

    Andrew’s father Doug Day underwent surgery, radiation and chemotherapy and although a tough journey, Andrew says he did not complain once.

    “He was incredible throughout the journey and never complained right to the end. He was simply the best man that I have ever known.”

    It was also very important to Doug to help others through his experience.

    “They unfortunately found the cancer too late for Dad but he was keen for his experience to help others. He wanted the doctors to find out as much as they could about his disease saying that knowledge is power.”

    The three men will depart Victor Harbor on Monday, May 11th hoping to reach Darwin in late June.

    With no support vehicle or staff, the trio will carry all equipment on front and rear pannier racks attached to their steel frame touring bikes.

    Riding five – six hours per day, covering between 70-100+ kms, Andrew has been training for months, riding over 200kms each week.

    “I’m looking forward to spending that amount of time with my sons, the challenge, the Australian outback and the landscape. I’m not looking forward to the sore muscles and cold nights!”

    Cancer Council SA Chief Executive, Professor Brenda Wilson, says fundraisers like the Day family were an inspiration and were really making a difference in the fight to beat cancer.

    “We believe that no one should lose a loved one to cancer and the Day family are playing a vital part in raising much needed funds for cancer research, prevention and support services,” Professor Wilson said.

    “Thanks to the united efforts in research in Australia over the past 20 years, we have seen almost 61,000 lives saved.

     “That’s 61,000 fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters still here with their loved ones.

    “We wish Andrew, Nathan and Philip the very best and look forward to welcoming them home after their huge adventure.”

    In the lead up to his ride, Andrew urges people to take their health seriously.

    “We need to do all we can for our health, including being SunSmart, eating healthy and exercising. Having regular check-ups is also extremely important (particularly for blokes).

    “If my Dad had been diagnosed earlier – who knows – he may have had another good 10 years to enjoy with his family!”

    To follow their progress, visit their website cyclingdays.net.

    For more information on Andrew Day’s story, visit his fundraising page.

    To donate, or to host your own fundraiser, visit cancersa.org.au


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