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    08 November 2013

    Cancer Council SA is urging parents to ensure their children’s noses don’t look like Rudolph’s by being caught out unprotected in the sun at this year’s Christmas Pageant.

    Cancer Council SA Chief Executive Professor Brenda Wilson says heat or temperature is not an indication of UV levels, which can be high on cloudy or cooler days.With Adelaide’s Christmas Pageant on this weekend, Professor Wilson is encouraging South Australians young and old to protect themselves from the sun in five different ways.

    “At this time of year, the sun’s harmful UV rays are reaching ‘very high’ levels on most days, even when conditions are mild and cloudy,” Professor Wilson says.

    “Despite the cooler weather expected this weekend, this means skin damage can still happen quickly if you’re caught out unprotected.

    “When the UV level is three or above, it’s important families use all five of the SunSmart behaviours, which will help to reduce their likelihood of developing skin cancer later in life.”

    The five steps to take to protect you, your family and friends from the sun’s harmful UV rays this Pageant are:
    • Slip on some sun protective clothing that covers arms and legs;
    • Slop on SPF 30, or higher, broad spectrum sunscreen and remember to reapply every two hours;
    • Slap on a shady hat, that protects the face, ears and neck;
    • Seek shade whenever possible; and
    • Slide on some sunglasses.

    To help parents keep their children protected, Cancer Council SA Ambassadors will be offering free sunscreen and spreading the SunSmart message.

    “On pageant day, people need to be SunSmart from as early at 9am to as late as 5pm and remember you’re not being SunSmart unless you reapply your sunscreen,” Professor Wilson added.

    “That is why our Ambassadors will be walking the route to offer free sunscreen to onlookers ahead of the pageant.”

    To help people check UV levels daily, Cancer Council has developed a free ‘SunSmart’ App that is available from iTunes or at www.sunsmart.com.au for Android and other smartphones.

    The SunSmart UV Alert also appears daily on the weather page of The Advertiser and some regional newspapers, television weather segments. It is also available on the Bureau of Meteorology website at http://www.bom.gov.au.

    National Skin Cancer Action week is November 18 to November 24.

    For information on all cancers, contact Cancer Council Helpline 13 11 20.

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