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    16 August 2017

    Cancer Council SA Ambassador Beau Brug has always felt a connection with cancer, taking part in fundraising events at school and participating in Relay for Life. When his six year old baby sister Hope was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, his role as ambassador took on a whole new meaning.

    Beau explains how his family first discovered Hope’s cancer.

    “We were playing around and we found a lump. We went to the doctors straight away and then discovered it was cancerous. I didn’t think it would be a tumour so when I found out I was really worried and scared,” he said.

    Beau explains the hardest part was seeing someone so young go through such a traumatic experience.

    “There is a significant difference between an adult and a child going through cancer. Having to explain to her what was happening and and seeing her go through treatment and pain was really hard.”

    “She missed out on doing so many things that children her age do. She couldn’t run around with her friends due to her low immune system and had plenty of tubes which made it extremely difficult.”   

    Throughout Hope’s treatment, Beau and his family turned to Cancer Council SA for support.

    “The whole experience made me realise how amazing community organisations such as Cancer Council SA are in providing support to people going through cancer and their families.”

    Beau and his family banded together and their prayers were answered – Hope is now in remission.

    “She is doing really well, catching up on the lost time and trying to move forward with her schooling, building friendships and having the life that she deserves.”

    The journey has made Beau’s role as an ambassador all the more important to him.

    “I originally joined Cancer Council SA to support the services they provide to the community, but now the services they offer are even more personal to me because of our family’s journey.”

    A newly elected Councillor with the City of Salisbury, on Daffodil Day Beau and his family will be joining together to support all the people in his local community living with cancer.  

    They will be down at the Mawson Lakes Train and Bus Interchange on Friday, 25 August from 7am to 12noon selling Daffodils, sharing stories and raising funds for Cancer Council SA.

    “I will be volunteering on Daffodil Day for my beautiful little sister. It’s a really important time for our family and Hope might even come down and shake a tin!”

    Beau’s message to others is to never give up the fight, no matter the circumstances.

    “My sister’s name is “Hope” and I think that hope is really important when you are faced with cancer. Never take anything for granted, and always have hope and believe that you can beat it.”

    1 in 2 Australian men and 1 in 3 Australian women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. This year alone it is estimated that over 9,700 South Australians will be diagnosed with cancer, 3,500 of which will die from the disease.

    Cancer Council SA Chief Executive Lincoln Size said that Beau’s story is an inspiration, particularly to the many families that are currently supporting loved ones through cancer.  

    “Sadly, all of us know someone who has experienced the devastating impacts of cancer firsthand and Beau’s story shows that cancer can impact anyone, at any age. Through the support of our ambassadors such as Beau, we are able to raise funds and awareness in the local community and fund vital programs and support services that will help in the fight against the disease.”

    The money raised through Daffodil Day will fund Cancer Council SA’s vital research, public education and prevention campaigns along with support programs for people going through cancer and their families.

    As one of the largest national fundraising events in the Southern Hemisphere, this year Cancer Council SA hopes to raise more than $450,000 locally and $5.5 million nationally on Daffodil Day.  

    To find out Daffodil Day locations near you and how you can get involved, visit the Daffodil Day website

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