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  • Avoid getting caught red-faced this Christmas

    22 December 2016

    While temperatures are set to be high on Christmas Day, it is the ‘extreme’ UV levels that Cancer Council SA wants people to be aware of when outdoors throughout the day.

    Cancer Council SA is warning that UV levels will be at skin damaging levels on Christmas Day from as early as 9.00am until close to 6.00pm.

    Cancer Council SA Manager of Cancer Prevention, Joanne Rayner, said that while getting caught up in festivities, it was important that people didn’t get caught out unprotected in the sun.

    “Whether it be spending time outdoors in the morning or afternoon, people need to take the appropriate precautions to protect their skin,” Ms Rayner said.

    “People often have so much happening on Christmas Day that we want to remind them not to be caught red-faced and suffer from sunburn.

    “Every time we overexpose our skin to UV rays, the damage adds up to increase our risk of skin cancer.

    “Right now, we are seeing UV levels reach the ‘extreme’ level on a daily basis, so even when the weather eventually cools down, UV will remain high.

    “It is the sun’s UV that causes the damage to our skin, not the temperature, so people need to be aware that even if it is cloudy or cool we still need to cover up.

    “The weather will fluctuate each day, however the one constant will be our UV levels which will far exceed the skin damaging level of 3 every day.”

    Ms Rayner also encouraged parents to be good role models for SunSmart behaviour and to be vigilant in protecting themselves and their children from overexposure to UV.

    “The weather will be warm and kids will be playing outside throughout the holidays, so parents of young children should not be complacent with skin protection for the whole family.”

    SunSmart’s free App can be downloaded from Cancer Council SA.

    For more information about SunSmart principles visit sunsmart.org.au or email sunsmart@cancersa.org.au

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