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  • Local SunSmart schools win shade marquee

    28 July 2014

    Two SA primary schools were the lucky recipients of new shade marquees through Cancer Council SA’s SunSmart Schools Program.

    In a recent promotion, Cancer Council SA offered primary schools the opportunity to win one of two shade marquees simply by joining the SunSmart Schools Program. 

    Thorndon Park Primary School at Athelstone and Winkie Primary School received new marquees after being among 57 schools to express their interest in joining the program.

    All schools that joined the program during the promotion received $200 worth of sunscreen for their school.

    The SunSmart Schools Program recognises schools that have comprehensive sun protection policy and practices in place to protect the students and staff in their care.

    SunSmart Schools receive a sign to attach to their school fence to let the community know they are SunSmart as well as teaching resources to support classroom programs.

    Cancer Council SA Chief Executive, Professor Brenda Wilson, said that it was important that more schools join the SunSmart Schools Program.

    “Children are at school during peak UV times of the day so encouraging children to be SunSmart is a responsibility that all schools need to take seriously,” Professor Wilson said.

    “We know that evidence shows that UV exposure in the first 18 years of life largely determines a person’s lifetime skin cancer risk.

    “Research has revealed that primary schools with a written sun protection policy have the greatest number of students and staff protecting themselves from the sun.”

    Thorndon Park Primary School Principal, Gina Perrotta, said that it was important for their school to be involved in the SunSmart program.

    “As Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world, with two in three Australians developing some form of skin cancer during their lifetime, it is important that  students at our school follow the SunSmart principles of sun protection,” Ms Perrotta said.

    “The practices followed at school will support and protect them throughout their life.”

    Winkie Primary School Principal, Paul Haenen, said that it was important for their school to be involved in the SunSmart program.

    “The program provides the students and the school with a clear guideline on when to implement sun protection,” Mr Haenen said.

    “In a world sometimes overburdened with information, it is great that Cancer Council SA provides our students with accurate and up to date information on the best way to be safe in our harsh climate.”

    Professor Wilson added that “becoming a SunSmart school is free and we have dedicated staff and resources to assist schools through the process.”

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