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  • 30 years and over $800k for cancer research

    17 May 2015
    30 years and over $800k for cancer research
    On June 5, 2015 the Cancer Council’s Tea Tree Gully branch is celebrating 30 years of fighting cancer.
    Cancer Council SA has a number of branches throughout South Australia run by passionate groups of volunteers who raise funds and awareness for the ongoing fight to beat cancer in their local communities.
    Over 30 years, Cancer Council’s Tea Tree Gully branch has seen an army of dedicated volunteers raise over $808,000 towards the cancer fight.
    The branch will also recognise years of service for their volunteers with all having dedicated their valuable time (from five to 30 years) to the cause.
    Bill and Joylene Haberfield are among them, having served for 30 years at the local branch.
    Bill has served as President or Vice President for a combined period of 10 years and Joylene serving as Treasurer since 1986.
    Mr Haberfield describes his first volunteering experience.
    “In year seven I won a volunteering award for door knocking for the children’s hospital. The fundraising seed was planted then and there,” Mr Haberfield said.
    “It was all about the generosity of people and the realisation that the more volunteers there are, the more money is raised.
    After losing both his mother and father to cancer, Mr Haberfield saw a notice and attended a community meeting to form a local Cancer Council fundraising branch. The two have been volunteering there ever since.
    The couple were also announced the City of Tea Tree Gully’s Citizens of the Year in 2012 recognising their outstanding work in dedicating their lives to helping people with needs through hands-on fundraising activities.
    “We have always loved working as a team supporting each other in all our projects, whether it be family, business or Cancer Council and I’m sure we will continue as long as we’re physically able to.”
    The Haberfields believe it’s only a matter of time until cancer is conquered.
    “We’ve always believed it’s a matter of time and money for research until cancer is conquered. Over the last 30 years, we’ve seen great progress in the fight against cancer and we would like to think the Tea Tree Gully Branch has been a part of that,” he added.
    “The breakthroughs we learn about in the media are the highlights for us – keeping us motivated to give our grandkids a cancer free life!”
    Cancer Council SA Chief Executive Professor Brenda Wilson congratulated the branch, the Haberfields and all volunteers on their outstanding contribution in bringing the defeat of cancer closer.
    “The work of the Tea Tree Gully branch has made a significant contribution to the fight against cancer,” Professor Wilson said.
    “I’d like to thank Mr and Mrs Haberfield, and the rest of the local community, for their tireless efforts and support of our organisation, they have made a real difference in the work we are able to do.
    “The time and consistent effort from all involved (over 30 years), has meant we can continue to provide important services to those going through cancer and fund vital research projects.
    “It is important we continue to support cancer researchers, who are responsible for many lives that have been saved, extended or improved thanks to their research breakthroughs.
    “Thirty years is a wonderful achievement and I’d like to thank the entire Tea Tree Gully branch for their selfless contribution to the fight and the generous time and effort given by all the volunteers – we could not do what we do, without them.”
    To donate, or to host your own fundraiser, visit cancersa.org.au

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