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  • Cancer prevalence in South Australia


    Today, 1.1 million Australians are living with or beyond cancer. That’s one in every 22 people. 

    But by the year 2040, that figure will be closer to one in 18, or a total of 1.9 million people. It’s a predicted 72 per cent increase in the number of people with a personal history of cancer.  

    Every minute, Cancer Council SA is working with the South Australian community to improve this statistic.


    Why cancer prevalence is on the rise

    Ageing population—as healthcare, treatments, and standards of living improve, people are living longer beyond cancer.

    Early detection—as more accurate tests are developed and widely adopted for certain cancers, people are catching the disease early—when treatment is most likely to be effective.

    Better treatment—more advanced treatments, which are better tailored to the patient and have fewer adverse side effects, are getting closer every day. This means more people are living with or surviving cancer. 

    Everybody impacted by cancer is one person too many.

    Help us work towards a cancer free future by donating to the research, prevention and support programs that will reduce the impact of cancer in our community.


    Today at Cancer Council SA

  • Cancer Counselling Service

    Cancer Counselling Service

    Cancer Council SA offers free counselling sessions to anyone impacted by cancer.

  • Cut your cancer risk

    Cut your cancer risk

    4 ways to boost your fruit and vegetable intake.

  • Fundraising Events

    Fundraising Events

    We have a wide range of exciting events that give you the opportunity to support our vision of a cancer free future in a fun, easy yet symbolic way.

  • Leave a gift in your Will

    Leave a gift in your Will

    Continue the love and generosity you have shown in your lifetime even after you are gone by deciding to leave a gift in your Will.

  • Share your story

    Share your story

    Raise awareness about important cancer issues while helping others cope with treatment and feel less alone. Read more about how to share your story.

  • Volunteer with us!

    Volunteer with us!

    Discover how your organisation and staff can get involved in bringing a cancer free future closer.