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  • When should I protect my skin?

    Updated November 2018. 

    Overexposure to UV radiation is the primary cause of skin cancer, so protection from UV radiation is important to reduce your risk of skin damage and skin cancer. 

    UV levels change throughout the day and reache the maximum level at solar noon, when the sun is directly overhead. Likewise, UV radiation is strongest during summer months when the sun is directly overhead. 

    When UV is 3 and above, sun protection is recommended. Read more about UV radiation here.

    In South Australia, UV levels reach skin damaging levels of 3 and above from August to May. Below is a graph of the average maximum UV level each month in Adelaide, as provided by ARPANSA

    The Bureau of Meteorology provides a prediction of the maximum UV level with the weather forecast every day and also provides local daily sun protection times (for example 9.30 am – 3.30 pm). The sun protection times tell us when UV is predicted to be 3 and above and therefore when sun protection is recommended. It is a useful tool for anyone planning outdoor activities. 

    UV levels and sun protection times can be accessed by visiting the Bureau of Meteorology website, or by downloading the free SunSmart app or by adding the SunSmart widget to your website.



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