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  • Questions to ask your doctor about melanoma

    Last reviewed October 2012

    You may find this checklist helpful when thinking about the questions you want to ask your doctor about melanoma and its treatment. If your doctor gives you answers that you don’t understand, it is okay to ask for clarification.

    • What type of melanoma do I have?
    • How thick is the melanoma?
    • Has the melanoma spread?
    • What treatment do you recommend and why?
    • Will a doctor who specialises in melanoma treat me?
    • Are there other treatment choices for me? If not, why not?
    • What are the risks and possible side effects of each treatment?
    • How long will treatment take? Will I have to stay in hospital?
    • How much will treatment cost?
    • Will I have a lot of pain with the treatment? If I do, what will be done about this?
    • Are the latest tests and treatments for this type of cancer available in this hospital?
    • Are there any clinical trials of new treatments? Will I be eligible to participate in any of these trials?
    • How frequently will I have check-ups?
    • Are there any complementary therapies that might help me?
    • Is my melanoma hereditary (one that runs in families)?

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    Information reviewed by: : Prof Grant McArthur, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Head of the Translational Research Group and Head of the Molecular Oncology Laboratory, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, VIC; Jay Allen, Consumer and Community Coordinator, Melanoma Institute Australia, NSW; Annie Angle, Cancer Council Helpline Nurse, Cancer Council Victoria; Prof Michael P Brown, Director, Cancer Clinical Trials Unit, Senior Medical Oncologist, Royal Adelaide Cancer Centre, SA; Dr Vanessa Estall, Head Radiation Oncologist, Melanoma and Skin Service, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, VIC; Clinton Heal, Consumer and CEO and Founder of Melanoma WA; Prof John Thompson, Professor of Melanoma and Surgical Oncology at the University of Sydney and Director, Melanoma Institute Australia, NSW; and members of the SunSmart Victoria team. 

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