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    Have you heard a claim about cancer and want to know if it's fact or fiction?

    Visit the iheard website.

    iheard has been created to dispel the many myths, rumours and fanciful claims about cancer.

    Ask any cancer related question1 - your query will be reviewed by our team of scientists, clinical advisors, researchers and cancer prevention and support experts.

    Our aim is to give you accurate, evidence-based answers to your cancer questions. You can be confident the information we provide is backed by Cancer Council Australia, the nation's peak, independent cancer control organisation.

    Subject to the nature of your question, we may answer by:

    • reviewing and posting the question and answer on the iheard website (we reserve the right to and likely will revise or edit your question to make it more reader friendly and include more detail; in submitting your question to iheard you give us permission to do this)
    • advising you by email if the question has already been answered and providing a link to the answer
    • responding by email if we feel the question cannot be answered or is inappropriate for the iheard website.

    The time it takes to respond to your question will depend on the number of inquiries we have at any one time and the extent of research required to give you an evidence-based response. We will advise you by email if we unable to provide a response within 30 days.

    To contact the iheard team, send an email to iheard@cancer.org.au

    If you would like more information about cancer, please visit www.cancer.org.au or call Cancer Council 13 11 20.2

    1we do not provide medical advice, nor comment on individual cases
    2local call cost anywhere in Australia (except mobiles).

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