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  • Key highlights

    • This year we delivered important prevention messages to 4,671 people. 

      These focused on topics like smoking, UV and cancer screening, as well as leading a healthy lifestyle. 

    • This year, we welcomed 69 new members to our SunSmart Schools program.

      More than 113,830 children are now protected from harmful UV thanks to schools and early childhood centres implementing best practice sun protection guidelines. 

    • This year, we delivered 41 nationally recognised Quitskills training courses to 253 health professionals.

      We also launched eight new courses as part of the pilot program for Maternal Health Workers in Remote Communities. 


    • This year, we engaged 87 workplaces and organisations with life-saving prevention sessions.

      These included seven workplace health expos, 52 SunSmart workplace presentations, and 11 bowel cancer prevention sessions.