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    • Our passionate South Australian community is the driving force behind everything that we are able to deliver at Cancer Council SA.

      As a primarily community-funded organisation, we simply couldn’t do what we do without donors, supporters, event hosts―people like you.

    Your support isn’t just important―it’s everything.

    And this year we were once again inspired by the commitment to the cause.

    This year, donors just like you have helped raise an incredible $8.7 million dollars.

    Every dollar that you spent at a colleague’s morning tea, that you donated in memory of a loved one, or that you gave to an appeal letter you received in the mail―it all adds up to make a big impact.

    It trained the nurse who is there to provide information and support when someone has just received a diagnosis and picks up the phone to dial 13 11 20.

    It funded the clinical trial that gave an advanced-stage patient another treatment option when they thought there was nothing else able to be done.

    It promoted the campaign that encouraged a woman with no symptoms to arrange a screening test, which found her cancer early, improving her chances
    of having successful treatment.

    It has ensured that we can be there, every minute, every hour, every day.

    Thank you to every one of our generous supporters for making what we do possible.

    Thank you for getting us closer to a cancer free future.

    Russell Schrale
    General Manager, Marketing, Fundraising and Relationships
    Cancer Council SA