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    Meet Kevin, a fabulous volunteer with our friends at Cancer Council NSW.

    Every day people from all walks of life donate their time, knowledge and energy to help Cancer Council SA support people affected by cancer. People like Kevin make our vital work possible: it is through the time and care of ordinary people that we can do extraordinary things.

    Cancer Council SA is always looking for people with various backgrounds, talents and skills. We take care to ensure your placement is of real benefit to the community and satisfying for you.

    Throughout the year we offer a range of short and long-term roles, projects and activities that can match your skills, interests and availability. As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to:

    • make a difference
    • share skills and experience
    • learn new skills
    • teach others
    • gain valuable work experience
    • meet people and make new friends
    • increase your confidence and self esteem

    This work can be in a variety of departments throughtout the organisation:

    Cancer Council SA operates under the National Standards for Involving Volunteers in Not-for-Profit organisations developed by Volunteering Australia. You will be provided with an orientation of the organisation, on the job training and supervision and in some cases Police Checks may be necessary. Furthermore, we ensure we provide a safe and friendly working environment in accordance with safety standards and to ensure we work ethically, we work within a Code of Conduct.

    We recognise that our volunteers are an integral part of our organisation and celebrate and acknowledge service milestones at volunteer meetings and provide a thank you lunch at the end of the year. To facilitate feedback from our volunteers, we conduct a morning tea with the Chief Executive twice a year where ideas can be shared and actioned.

    Why not register today?

    To view current volunteer opportunities please click here.



    Today at Cancer Council SA

  • 2017 - 2018 Entertainment Membership is here!

    2017 - 2018 Entertainment Membership is here!

    100% of profit from the sale of the Entertainment Membership goes towards the fight to beat Cancer here in SA. Find out more.

  • Become an Ambassador

    Become an Ambassador

    Join our growing network of Ambassadors who represent us in the community: sharing awareness and prevention messages, connecting people with support services and speaking up on our behalf.

  • Call Quitline 13 7848 to double your chances of quitting

    Call Quitline 13 7848 to double your chances of quitting

    Quitline is a confidential and professional support service that can assist you to work out your quitting strategy. Register today!

  • Do you have a cancer question?

    Do you have a cancer question?

    Ask our trained cancer nurses for the answers.

  • Finding my way

    Finding my way

    Finding My Way is an evidence-based online program that provides cancer-related information and coping skills via the internet.

  • Healthy Living after Cancer

    Healthy Living after Cancer

    Getting back to a healthy lifestyle after cancer is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Find out about our Healthy Living after Cancer program.

  • Heard something about cancer and not sure if it's true?

    Heard something about cancer and not sure if it's true?

    Get all the evidence based answers to your cancer questions here.

  • Help us continue funding research projects that will find better ways to treat cancer.

    Help us continue funding research projects that will find better ways to treat cancer.

    Maddie was only three and a half years old when diagnosed with neuroblastoma – a vicious cancer that develops from nerve tissues.

  • Hold your own fundraiser

    Hold your own fundraiser

    Do you have an idea that is out of the box? Do you think it rocks? You can turn virtually anything into a fundraiser… let us help you turn your idea into reality!

  • Join the conversation

    Join the conversation

    Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest community events and news.

  • Meet a researcher

    Meet a researcher

    If Professor Howarth’s project is a success, not only will a lot of people be spared a lot of pain. Lives will be saved as a result of treatments continuing that would otherwise have been stopped prematurely. Read more.

  • More than a gift, it's hope for the future

    More than a gift, it's hope for the future

    Including a bequest to Cancer Council SA in your will is not an alternative to looking after your loved ones, it’s part of it. Find out more.

  • Order resources here

    Order resources here

    Cancer information and support resources are provided free of charge to all people affected by cancer.

  • Share your story

    Share your story

    Raise awareness about important cancer issues and help others cope with treatment and feel less alone. Read more about how to share your story.