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    Getting your team engaged and fundraising in the fight to beat cancer

    With 26 South Australians diagnosed with cancer every day, chances are your workplace has felt the impact. It is often difficult to know how to show your support for someone impacted by Cancer. View our Cancer and work information to learn how to support an employee as well as managing your business effectively when an employee has cancer.

    You may also want to do something public and something that will unite your team, bringing everyone together with the common goal of helping out South Australians impacted by cancer. There are many fundraising events that your team can get involved in, depending on the time and resources you have at your disposal. Below is a list of events that might help get you started. Of course, we’re always very happy to talk about how we can help and perhaps tailor a campaign to meet your specific needs. Call any member of Cancer Council SA’s energetic events team on 1300 65 65 85.

    Campaigns you can get involved in right now.

    Cancer Council’s Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea – From a few colleagues sharing a cuppa in the morning to a company-wide baking competition – your morning tea can be as big, little, simple or elaborate as you like. Your imagination and resources are your only guides.

    Cancer Council’s Ride for a reason – Do you have some keen cyclists in your team? They Could use a volunteering day to ride in the Challenge Tour during the Santos Tour Down Under and sign up to www.rideforareason.com.au to fundraise for cancer research. They will receive rewards and incentives as part of their fundraising, which creates a great sense of team and camaraderie.

    Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day and Pink Ribbon Day – An easy way to show your support for people affected by cancer is to buy fundraising merchandise. Pens, pins, key rings, balls, Dougal bears and more show your support in a tangible and visible way, acknowledging that-as a team-you have felt the impact of cancer. Of course, you can also contact us and order an entire box of items that you can sell to your staff or customers; 100 per cent of sales go to Cancer Council to reduce the impact of cancer.

    Workplace giving – Providing an avenue for staff to contribute on a regular basis is gaining popularity. Often in busy workplaces people want to feel like they are making a difference without having to compromise their busy schedules at work or home. By implementing work place giving in your organisation, staff can contribute personally at a level they are comfortable with, the transaction coming either before or after tax. Many companies will chose to dollar match what their staff donate, reflecting the generosity of their staff. For more information call 1300 65 65 85.

    Cancer Council’s Relay For Life – When cancer impacts someone it impacts around the clock. To acknowledge the distress cancer brings, we bring teams together in a relay-style walk or run passing batons between team mates. There are relays all around the country.  Relay For Life is an amazing community event and a great team building exercise . Some of Australia’s leading organisations use Relay For Life to engage smaller teams and branches, bringing them together to connect with the community and with each other. If you would like to get your team involved, call our events team on 1300 65 65 85. You can visit www.relayforlife.com.au for more information.

    Cancer Council’s Girls Night In – These events can be a lot of fun and often ‘getting the girls together’ creates a new layer of support for women–especially if someone has been impacted by breast, uterine or ovarian cancer. Girls Night In has strong health messages aimed at encouraging healthy practices amongst participants. Like Cancer Council's Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, you are only limited by your available time and imagination.

    Cancer Council’s Undies Run – If your team is in need of a little light-hearted fun with a very healthy message, then People’s Choice Undies Run for Bowel Cancer might be for you. Dare your boss, clients, customers and family to take part in this outrageous event that occurs at the Classic race on the first Sunday of the Santos Tour Down Under each year in January. Undies Run is about raising awareness around bowel cancer, one of the biggest cancer killers in this state. Head to www.undiesrun.com.au to find out how to get engaged and proudly and publicly show your teams sense of humour and fun.

    Make your own fun – If none of the above capture the spirit, imagination or culture of your organisation, then speak to us about designing your own event or campaign. In South Australia every year we assist with more than 500 different fundraising campaigns that are highly individual and capture the essence of a workplace, organisation or group of mates. Our Community Fundraising Project Officer is expert at helping with the weird and wacky, simple and complex. Our role is to make raising funds for the cancer cause as easy as possible. We have a wide range of tools to help you, so please contact our events team for inspiration.

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    25 years of Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

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    Become an Ambassador

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    Call Quitline 13 7848 to double your chances of quitting

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    Do you have a cancer question?

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    Donate in lieu of flowers

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    Healthy Living after Cancer

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    Hold your own fundraiser

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    More than a gift, it's hope for the future

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  • Order resources here

    Order resources here

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    Share your story

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