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  • Why you should go Dry in July

    Why you should go Dry in July
    03 July 2018

    This month, thousands of people across the country will make the commitment to give up alcohol and take part in Dry July.  It’s a great initiative—not only does it help you to reduce your own cancer risk, but you can also choose to raise money to support the programs and services that we offer here at Cancer Council SA.

    For many South Australians, alcohol is a daily part of life. A drink or two after work on a Friday night, a beer with friends at a barbeque on the weekend or a glass of wine with dinner are all common pastimes. 

    However, many people don’t realise that drinking alcohol, even a small amount, increases your cancer risk, with the longer you have been drinking for increasing your risk even further. 

    A 2015 Australian study estimated that 3, 208 (2.8 per cent) of all new cancers diagnosed in 2010 were attributable to alcohol consumption.  

    Drinking alcohol is proven to increase your risk of developing cancers, particularly in the mouth, bowel, pharynx, larynx, oesophagus, liver and breast. It’s also important to note that all types of alcohol increase your risk of cancer—there is no one alcoholic drink that is better than another. 

    So if you think you’re drinking a bit too much, or want to reduce your cancer risk, then Dry July is the perfect opportunity. 

    By giving up alcohol, not only will you experience a number of health benefits, you’ll also be raising money to fund a number of Cancer Council SA’s vital programs including our lodges at Flinders and Greenhill.

    The lodges, which for many regional South Australians act as a home away from home, last year alone provided more than 30,500 nights of accommodation. It’s a vital service which means that those from country locations can travel to Adelaide to receive the best care possible without worrying about where to stay. 

    It’s just one example of where your fundraising dollars will go and highlights why the campaign is so important. 

    To everyone taking part in Dry July—good luck! You are taking real steps towards a healthier lifestyle and also supporting those in our community when they need it most. 

    Tamara Thorpe 
    Acting Senior Project Officer
    Community Education 

    Note: If you do choose to drink, we recommend that you follow the National Health and Medical Research Council Guidelines and limit your intake to two standard drinks a day, and have as many alcohol free days as you can.

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