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    We’re here to get you back on track after cancer treatment.
    23 February 2017

    Since June 2016, I’ve proudly led our team of Cancer Council nurses in providing our Healthy Living after Cancer program. Its purpose? To help adults who’ve completed cancer treatment to maximise their chances of a healthier future by making better lifestyle changes.

    Having worked in cancer care for many years, I’m acutely aware of the need for support and assistance for South Australians following cancer treatment. 

    Experienced cancer nurses like me provide up to 12 free health coaching calls over six months that could change your life. We set goals for physical activity and healthy eating, and will help you achieve these goals by providing support, tips and motivation.

    We encourage people to set small goals, make gradual changes and create new habits, such as walking more often. Throughout the program, the small changes add up to making a big difference which is incredibly uplifting.

    Healthy Living after Cancer is the perfect starting point for good health, gaining energy, and regaining a sense of “yourself”. I often speak to people who haven’t had much control during their treatment and I’m so proud to be able to empower each person to get the best out of their program.

    It’s amazing to see the difference in many participants who report feeling physically re-energised and better able to deal with the emotional effects of their illness. But one of the biggest rewards for me is connecting with survivors who have endured lengthy treatment, faced many obstacles, and are able to steer their health in a more positive direction.

    Cancer Council SA is proud to provide this program to people in South Australia and the Northern Territory. Delivered by phone, the program is available to rural participants also.

    We’re here to help you take a step forward to a healthier outlook. If you or a loved one have finished cancer treatment, call 13 11 20 to see if Healthy Living after Cancer could make a difference to your future.

    Polly Baldwin
    Cancer Council nurse 

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