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  • The future is looking brighter for leukaemia sufferers

    The future is looking brighter for  leukaemia sufferers
    21 July 2016

    We’re proud to share some incredible progress you’ve made possible in the fight against leukaemia

    We share your dream of a world without cancer, which is why we’re committed to funding vital  cancer research. With your support, our researchers are making ground-breaking progress in the way that cancer is diagnosed and treated.

    Together, we can change the future of leukaemia

    The devastation of leukaemia is undeniable. It’s one of the most difficult cancers to beat and survivors live in relentless fear of a relapse. But with your support we’re moving ever closer to the answers that we have been desperately seeking.

    In 1977, former Governor of South Australia, Marjorie Jackson-Nelson established the Peter Nelson Leukaemia Research Fellowship Fund in memory of her beloved husband, Australian Olympic cyclist Peter, who passed away from leukaemia. The Fund has supported nine dedicated research teams over the past 30 years, tasked with finding a cure for this strain of cancer. Just as we are passionate about bringing an end to all cancers, each of these researchers is driven by, and committed to reaching this goal with leukaemia. 

    The future is looking brighter

    One of our brilliant researchers, making these inspiring advancements, is Dr Hayley Ramshaw. Dr Ramshaw and her team are currently working on a way to treat acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) more effectively and recently had astounding success with their work on antibodies. By finding a way to effectively treat AML in the long term, they will ultimately ensure that sufferers no longer live in fear of a relapse.

    Phase 1 was successfully trialled in USA and Australia and now, Phase 2 clinical trials have begun in the USA, Belgium and Spain. You can read more about these exciting break-throughs on our website

    The incredible work of Dr Ramshaw and her team is changing the future, to a world where leukaemia no longer devastates families. This simply could not have been done without the support of wonderful people like you.

    On behalf of every individual, family or community who has benefitted from your generosity, thank you. Together, we are stronger than cancer.

    Lincoln Size 
    Chief Executive 
    Cancer Council SA

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