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    Margaret’s hope for a cancer free future
    12 September 2017

    Margaret Horton (pictured right) has a special connection with Cancer Council SA. Her mother, grandmother and great grandmother have all suffered through cancer, and her best friend is currently facing her own cancer battle.

    Margaret is a passionate advocate for Cancer Council SA, volunteering at events including Daffodil Day and participating in fundraisers such as Girls' Night In and Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. She shares her reasons for leaving the ultimate gift towards a cancer free future.

    I have seen my family go through three generations of breast cancer – my mum, my grandmother and my great grandmother. I have also seen my best friend (who I call my sister) fight her own breast cancer battle. I sat with her through her chemotherapy and shaved my head so she didn’t feel alone when she lost all her hair. Nobody should have to go through this disease alone and I went with her because I love her and didn’t want to see her struggle by herself. 

    If you have seen someone close to you go through cancer, you don’t want to see them go through it alone. A cancer cell does not discriminate – it’s a nasty piece of work. It’s important that you keep positive for the ones you love, even when you’re having your down days, otherwise you will lose the battle. 

    I have learned so much through Cancer Council. The Cancer Council never gives up, they keep fighting and that’s one thing that cancer patients keep doing, they never stop fighting.

    It’s important that people know that cancer doesn’t have to kill you – you have to stay positive and involve your family and friends. Some people shy away from the disease and shy away from people who are sick but it’s important that we stick together.

    You can never forget once you’ve lived through cancer – it’s tattooed in your mind what the people you love have gone through. I can’t sit back and watch people suffer. My little contribution – whenever it happens (hopefully you have to wait a little while!) will be a gift towards Cancer Council SA. I wouldn’t give my money to anyone else.

    My hope for the future is that one day, we can eradicate cancer. I don’t want to stop fighting until it’s gone. The dedicated Professors and Doctors are working so hard to make sure that future generations have nothing to worry about.
    Once we win the fight (which we will!) it’s important that we never forget.

    My message for everyone, especially to survivors, is to support Cancer Council SA. Don’t be shy, get involved and see how good they are. Meet the volunteers who donate their time and money. Listen to what they have achieved.
    Everyone I meet through Cancer Council SA is amazing. Whatever help I can give I will give until I can’t help anymore. 

    My warmest regards, 


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