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    Kirsty's story
    20 March 2019

    In November last year, Kirsty was getting ready to celebrate 10 years cancer free—until a routine check-up showed that her breast cancer had returned. 

    “When I first had cancer 10 years ago I found the lump myself. This time, I hadn’t felt anything at all as it was in my ducts; it’s really scary that I couldn’t even feel it. If you’re due a screening, go for one, don’t mess around.” 

    “The surgeon recommended a single mastectomy, but I said, ‘Take both of them, I don’t want to be worrying about this for another 10 years.’” 

    And now, just two months after surgery, Kirsty is taking on The March Charge with a personal goal of 100 km. 

    “I’m thankful that I have no more treatments, so I want to focus on my fitness and raising some money for Cancer Council SA.” 

    “I go walking every morning for 5 km, just because it’s good for my soul and I love walking and exercising anyway. Whether I feel like it or not, it’s good for me. Whether I reach my target or not, I’ll do what I can.”

    For Kirsty, giving back was important after having experienced first-hand the generalised support offered to anyone impacted by cancer. 

    “I have used 13 11 20—I rang up and had a good cry and the nurses gave me advice. That really was invaluable to me.”

    Not long after that experience, Kirsty started volunteering with Relay For Life. And now, she wants to focus on giving back through her own The March Charge campaign. 

    You can learn more about The March Charge or make a donation here

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