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    Avoid the myths beyond April Fool’s Day
    01 April 2015

    This April Fool’s Day there will again be plenty of practical jokes and hoaxes circulating throughout the community, while others will remain on alert to avoid being tagged an “April Fool!”

    Much of the activity on the first day of April is light-hearted and fun, but at other times through the year, incorrect and misleading information creates a bit more inconvenience and discomfort.

    Addressing myths and hoaxes extends well beyond 1 April at Cancer Council SA as we regularly address misinformation around cancer.

    It seems only appropriate that on April Fool’s Day that we remind the community that unfortunately there are many baseless theories around causes and treatments of cancer, and that we are here to help clarify any confusion.

    Any type of experience with cancer can often be a stressful, emotional and challenging time, and the last thing people need is false hope from so-called “cancer cures” or new theories about what does and doesn’t cause cancer.

    Thanks to the generous support of the community we are able to set the record straight through our myth busting website – iheard.com.au that directly answers your questions using the latest research.  

    Recent questions answered include:

    So if you have heard a story, rumour or fanciful claim about cancer, visit iheard.com.au to find out the facts.

    It is a very challenging time when you have your life touched by cancer. 

    Cancer Council nurses are here to provide you with factual information and support to help you make well informed choices. We can clarify medical terms, procedures and treatments; inform you about services that may be helpful; provide you with printed information; talk with you about your cancer experience or just listen. Call Cancer Council 13 11 20

    Thank you for your support to allow us to deliver this very important work.

    Professor Brenda Wilson
    Chief Executive
    Cancer Council SA

    Answers to the above website questions can be found at www.iheard.com.au

    For cancer information and support, please call Cancer Council 13 11 20, Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm.


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