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    Help raise funds on Daffodil Day

    Every day, over 27 South Australians are told three life changing words—you have cancer. That’s more than 10,000 South Australians every year. 

    By getting involved in Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day, you are helping to raise much needed funds to invest in life-saving research right her in our state, which gives South Australians the best chance of surviving cancer.

    Thanks to research, 61,000 Australian lives have been saved by improvements in cancer prevention, screening and treatment.

    Through your donation, Cancer Council SA will continue to invest in ground breaking research that one day could save the life of someone you love.

    Cancer Council is registered as an Income Tax Exempt Charity. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. 


    Make a donation 

    This year, there are even more ways to donate. 

    Donate online 

    Donating is as easy as clicking your mouse, so you can get in early from anywhere in SA.



    Donate at a site 

    This year, volunteers will be spreading hope at over 160 sites around South Australia. By buying fresh daffodils, merchandise, or making a direct donation, you are helping to support vital research projects here in SA. 



    Dedicate a Daffodil 


    From 1 August, you’ll be able to Dedicate a Daffodil to someone you love who has been impacted by cancer. Stay tuned for updates on this new way to donate. 



    Today at Cancer Council SA

  • Do you have a cancer question?

    Do you have a cancer question?

    Cancer causes questions. Call us for the answers.

  • Donations In Memoriam

    Donations In Memoriam

    Donating In Memoriam to Cancer Council SA can be a meaningful way for family, friends and loved ones to show support to the grieving, and to remember someone lost to cancer.

  • Fundraising events

    Fundraising events

    We have a wide range of exciting events that give you the opportunity to support our vision of a cancer free future in a fun, easy yet symbolic way.

  • Impact Report 2018

    Impact Report 2018

    This year, over 90,000 supporters made a donation or gave a gift of their time, helping us get closer than ever to a cancer free future.

  • Join the conversation

    Join the conversation

    Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest community events and news.

  • Quitline


    Quitline is a government-funded service operated by Cancer Council SA, with the sole goal of providing the support, strategies and information to empower individuals to quit smoking.

  • SunSmart


    Find SunSmart apps, resources and information, tips for workplaces and the SunSmart Schools Program.