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    At Cancer Council SA, everything we do focuses on our vision of one day achieving a cancer free future. This includes investing in ground-breaking research to find new and better ways to diagnose and treat cancer, helping people to reduce their cancer risk with our prevention programs, and supporting everyone throughout all stages of the cancer experience. But, in order for our work to have the greatest possible impact, we need support from the South Australian Government.

    Cancer Council SA’s 2018 Election Priorities document urges the South Australian Government to make 10 key legislative changes in the 2018 State Election to help minimise the risk and impact of cancer in our community.   

    These changes include:

    • Committing to funding $3 million towards the Cancer Council Beat Cancer Project
    • Closing the loopholes in alfresco dining legislation
    • Increasing funds for targeted quit smoking social marketing campaigns
    • Committing to the maximum follow-up time for South Australians who test positive to a bowel cancer screening test
    • Committing to fund $400k SunSmart information campaigns
    • Implementing the smoking ban in prisons by 2020
    • Adequately funding data collection in South Australia
    • Abolishing South Australia’s DIY asbestos laws
    • Regulating junk food advertising
    • Funding a state-wide obesity prevention program

    You can read Cancer Council SA's 2018 Election Priorities document here.


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