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    Meet our highly experienced and passionate team of Executives who provide leadership to our dedicated staff and volunteers in the fight to beat cancer. 


    • Lincoln Size B.Bus (HRM), MBA, CAHRI, GAICD

      Lincoln Size B.Bus (HRM), MBA, CAHRI, GAICD

      8 May 2015
      Chief Executive

      Having had relatives touched by cancer, Lincoln is passionate about reducing risk factors associated with the disease and making sure that South Australians affected by cancer do not walk through a cancer journey alone.

      Although he once swore never to wear Lycra, life has changed considerably for Lincoln since joining Cancer Council SA as Chief Executive in May 2015. Not one to sit on the sidelines, he’s become an enthusiastic cyclist joining the Beat Cancer Tour team and even dared to run in front of 100,000 people at the People’s Choice Undies Run for Bowel Cancer two years in a row. Determined to keep pushing himself, Lincoln geared up for Ride for a reason in 2016 and even rode with the Premier’s Peloton in January 2017 to raise money for the cause he passionately believes in.

      Lincoln is driven by the desire to make a difference by ensuring that Cancer Council SA can reduce the impact of cancer on lives of all South Australians. His strong business background makes him an accomplished leader. Lincoln is committed to applying his expertise to ensure that every dollar that is donated to Cancer Council SA will be investing in the maximum impact for each South Australian affected by cancer.

      He is an experienced CEO and MBA qualified professional with over 20 years of senior and executive management experience across diverse industry sectors. Lincoln’s leadership experience was founded in industries including financial services, manufacturing and distribution, not-for-profit, health, welfare and the Arts.

      Combined with a passion for ensuring that everything we do brings us closer to a cancer free future, Lincoln is inspired by both the mission and the people he is leading in reducing the impact of cancer for all South Australians. 

    • Tony Siebert BA (Acct), FCPA, FAICD

      Tony Siebert BA (Acct), FCPA, FAICD

      10 September 2012
      General Manager, Corporate Services

      As a melanoma survivor himself, Tony knows first-hand the difference that early detection can make. Tragically, a close friend who was diagnosed at the same time was not as lucky. This has inspired Tony to ensure that Cancer Council SA is a strong and dynamic organisation that leads the way in minimising how cancer impacts the lives of all of our loved ones. 

      Initially taking up a bike as part of rehab for knee surgery, Tony has well and truly established himself within the cycling community, averaging 100 km a week and joining Ride for a reason over the past four years. He has raised an incredible amount and has been inspired by both the professional and amateur riders he has met, all united by their passion for cycling and the goal of beating cancer for all South Australians.

      Tony is an experienced business manager who has held executive management positions since 1995 in a range of industries including retail, banking, higher education and media. In addition, Tony has provided specialist advice and services for two accounting firms. He is a Fellow of the Australian Society of Certified Practicing Accountants and the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

      Tony is driven by using his expertise to continuously improve the way in which Cancer Council SA operates. He is passionate about meeting the challenges of an ever-changing environment and maximising the impact of every dollar that is donated towards a cancer free future in South Australia. 

    • Kerryann White

      Kerryann White

      30 September 2013
      Manager Human Resources

      Kerryann has felt the devastating effect of cancer with the loss of her much loved grandmother, her parents-in-law, and friends and family members. She works with a committed team of people and is driven to help reduce the impact of cancer on other South Australian families.

      Having spent many years working in human resources in mining, manufacturing and retail, Kerryann joined Cancer Council SA in September 2013 before becoming a member of the executive team in January 2015.

      With a professional Diploma in Human Resources Management and as a member of the Australian Human Resources Institute, Kerryann’s experience in this field is extensive. Her background includes workforce planning, recruitment, performance management and employee relations, which, combined with a practical approach make her an effective leader.

      Kerryann leads by building strong relationships across the organisation. She partners with both managers and employees to ensure we uphold our core values and remain committed to our strategy of a cancer free future. She strongly believes in the values of transparency, honesty and equity, is passionate about our greatest asset (our team), and ensuring our workforce is respected, valued and challenged. 

    • Russell Schrale B.Com, MBA, CPM

      Russell Schrale B.Com, MBA, CPM

      27 March 2017
      General Manager Marketing, Fundraising and Relationships

      The devastating impact of cancer on families was hit home for Russell with the tragic passing of a talented and well-respected colleague in a previous role. This experience has made him passionate about connecting South Australians with the work of Cancer Council SA on a daily basis to ensure that no one goes through a cancer journey alone.

      Russell is inspired by the personal stories of supporters and knowing the difference that our organisation makes on individual lives. Working next door to Cancer Council Lodge is a daily reminder of the multitude of challenges facing those with cancer and the significant role we play in supporting them.

      Having spent the last six years working in not-for-profits, Russell has a sound understanding of the challenges and opportunities that face the sector. His expertise spans fundraising, marketing, business development, and retail operations, with the experience based on his formal qualifications of a Bachelor of Commerce, MBA, and Certified Practising Marketer accreditation. Prior to his work with not-for-profits, Russell gained extensive experience in the Manufacturing and Renewable Energy sectors, giving him a diverse skill set to help lead Cancer Council SA.

      With the support of a high-quality team of specialists under his leadership, Russell is committed to developing and inspiring the team towards the achievement of a cancer free future.

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